Credit Card Connection as an Admin

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I am an Admin in our account and I have two employees that have connected their Company Credit Card through Silicon Valley Bank to their Expensify account. While they can see the connected expenses automatically loading into their account, I, as an Admin, cannot see those expenses. How can I see the credit card expenses on their accounts?


  • Ted Harris
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    It looks like Concierge might have answered this for you in your original message to Expensify Support, but I'll reiterate that here for all to see!

    If these cards are shown in their account settings as "Personal Cards", any transactions that you require access to view will need to be added to a report on a Group policy which you're a Policy Admin of. Once these are submitted, you can review those transactions. The only other way would be to make use of the copilot feature to masquerade as these users from within your own Expensify account.

    If these cards are listed as "Company Cards", any Domain Admin will be able to view these transactions by using the Reconciliation Dashboard.

    Hopefully that helps, but feel free to reach out to either of us for further clarification.