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Customizeable dates/times for Scheduled Submit

JuliaJulia Expensify Customer Posts: 153 Expensify Pro

Scheduled Submit is a great feature, but it would be great if the timing was even more customize able. Currently we can't use this feature because none of the options work for our company. I feel like Goldilocks, but I'm missing my baby bear with the perfect porridge and bed!

  • We don't want daily, that creates waaay to many reports. (and way too many email notifications. Yes, those can be turned off in preferences, but many of our approving managers rely on these).
  • Weekly is every Sunday evening (Pacific time to boot), and that won't work because most of our managers review and approve expenses Friday.
  • Bi-Monthly won't do, because I have to close our books by the second business day of the following month. The last day of the month being the submission date is just not enough time for our managers to approve and for me to process.
  • We currently have it set to Manual, but all of our users can override this anyways. To add insult to injury, Concierge actually ASKS them to customize this even though we have set a default at a company level based on our unique operational needs.
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