What is the point of linking a credit card to Expensify?

nicholas777 Expensify Customer Posts: 6

As I underrstand it, credit cards are not an acceptable proof of purchase for an expense. The original receipt is required by the IRS. As such, what is the purpose of linking a credit card to Epensify when I have to upload my receipt anyway--which is sufficient on its own. It seems like the credit card linking would create a duplicate transaction with the receipt, not to mention a duplicate transaction when linking to external bookeeping software like QBO.


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @nicholas777, thanks for posting this. When you connect a credit card to Expensify and then upload a receipt that matches one of those expenses, the receipt will be processed by SmartScan and automatically attached to the matching card expense.

    Most individuals and companies who use Expensify connect a credit card and upload receipts for those expenses. When it comes to company cards most companies will use the card connection to reconcile company spend across the entire team.

    There are many individual use cases for connecting a credit card to Expensify, but not everyone will find they save time by doing so.

    I'll let other customers chime in here with their individual use cases as well. Cheers!

  • nicholas777
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    Thank you for taking the time to answer. I suppose the main use case for me would be to remind myself that I have to upload a receipt for an expense that I might have forgotten about, or to ensure that my credit card wasn't falsely charged. Should I have employees one day who have company cards, keeping track of their spending would be useful. I'm glad to hear that it's not confused as a double entry.

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    What alternatives are there to link credit card to expensify without processing a transaction?