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First, wondering if there's a timeline on adding attendee names to the PDF report. Seems strange that it can pull the avatar, but not the name. I need a report that has both attendee names and receipts, currently the former is only on CSV and the latter only PDF.

Second, as long as the attendee names are only output to CSV, I'm wondering whether the format can be changed. It is difficult to sort and organize a text string of names in one cell in Excel. I can separate text to columns, but the space after the comma throws off the indexing. Can I change the delimiter in the attendee name export to CSV? Like, comma only, without the space?


  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,042Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @JBHGEQ, thanks for posting. Regarding attendee names in the PDF export, I did a solid search for this on our roadmap and it doesn't look to be coming up. I'd recommend lending your voice to the feature request in our Ideas category here.

    About your other request, I'm not sure if we're open to updating the delimiter but I'll reach out and see. Once I've heard back from my team I'll let you know.


  • JBHGEQJBHGEQ Posts: 7Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer

    Thanks Sheena. I'll post in the Idea category.

    As for the delimiter, I'm not sure why that would be closed to updating or discussion. Seems like just an arbitrary choice at the beginning probably. I'm not sure what other purpose that list of attendees might serve unless it's usable for tracking/sorting/filtering. A delimiter is only necessary for separating text like this, so I would think it would be useful.

    Unless people just need a static list of names for justification purposes. But I would like to filter so that I can see whether one guy gets taken to lunch all the time, or another person rarely gets invited to events, or how much we've spent on one particular customer who generates a lot of expenditure for little return, etc.

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