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Adrien Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer


I'm currently facing the following message : "You have been rate-limited. Please try again later or contact help@expensify.com for assistance".

I searched in your documentation, but i didn't find any message about limits.

Can you explicit your API limits ?


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  • Karisa Latta
    Karisa Latta Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 147 Expensify Team
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    Hey @Adrien !

    I'm sorry for the trouble here.

    Can you please tell me what you were attempted to do via the API when you got this message? Please tell me as much as you can without giving away any personal financial/expense/userInfo/partnerSecret data.

    In general, we have a 50-requests-per-minute limit you cannot exceed.

    I look forward to your reply!