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Syncing QuickBooks Online - Do old reports export automatically?

I have temporarily disabled the auto sync between QB and Expensify.

I have also marked certain reports in Expensify as 'reimbursed' while the sync is not active.

Will these reports/transaction automatically go to QB when I re-establish the sync? Or does this only happen if I select 'reimbursed' while the sync is active?

I don't want it to kick these Reports over when the connection is re-established, I only want this to happen for new reports moving forward


  • Michelle_NMichelle_N Posts: 50Expensify Team Expensify Team

    These reports will not automatically export. However, you will still get the message in your Inbox that they need to be exported. To stop these from being flagged as needing your attention in the Inbox, you can mark them as Manually Entered.

    Once they are marked that, you will no longer see this action on your Inbox tab.

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