Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A - March 7, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

What is the different between the Individual and Group policy?

A Group policy will allow you to set up an Approval Workflow and policy rules - this is best if you are using Expensify to approve and reimburse employees’ expense reports. You can lean more about the differences here.

If you accidentally set yourself up as an individual can you then later switch to a Group policy?

Yes! You can change your Inbox selection at any time. On the bottom of your Inbox page, just click “View hidden tasks”.

I don't have the field that allows to add a Tag - I can only import and export tags. How can I fix this?

Are you connected to an accounting integration through Expensify? If so, your Categories and Tags will import based on your COA in the integration

No, I have not imported them from an accounting integration. Is there any other way to add Tags?

Do you have multi-level tags enabled? If so, you will need to import new tags via spreadsheet. You can find instructions and screenshots here.

I created different policies which comprise of: "Visa - usd"; "Visa - cad"; "Cash"; Do you anticipate any problems I can encounter?

No, not at all! For context if you are working in multiple currencies you will want to have a policy for each. So it sounds like you are up appropriately.

How do i invite all my employees to have the app to scan receipts

You can find a guide for getting started inviting employees to your policy here.

Do all users have an “Individual” policy and a “Group” setting, even if they are part of a group?

Yes, that’s correct! Every Expensify account comes with a free Individual policy.

Are any of these workflow settings changeable after the fact? Like what if we decide we do need advanced approval after a few months of use? Can we switch from “Submit and Approve” to “Advanced Approval”?

Absolutely! You can reconfigure your policy at any time. When you’re ready to reconfigure, just search the feature you are looking to change/enable on


What if you have someone Manually enters it and they deleted the CC one and you get an error to match it, how do you match it?

Got it! It’s not possible to recreate the credit card expense. With that being the case, you’ll want to ask the employee to undelete the expense and merge it with the cash expense manually. Otherwise, you can select “Mark as Cash” to process it without the receipt.

I noticed "delete" button was present - Maddy mentioned Expensify does not delete. Can we delete any expenses? Also, can we track the history who deleted and when?

Great question! If an expense is deleted, it is hidden under the “Deleted” filter on the expenses page, In order to show those expenses, just tick the checkbox for the Deleted filter. We don’t store the history of deleted expenses

So no one can truly delete expenses from the system - they will remain in the Expensify DB. Deleted expenses are just hidden. Perfect!

That’s correct! For data integrity reasons, Expensify will always preserve your receipts. The only way receipts are removed is if the account is deleted.

How can I get the exclamation points to disappear once the problem has been fixed.

If the exclamation points still show, that means the Violation has not been resolved. You should be able to click the icon and then Resolve to go through the resolution steps.

Even if you get an error that says the receipt needs to be matched with a credit card expense?

That’s correct - you will always have the option to “mark as cash”. But the ideal solution is to have the employee undelete the expense so it can be merged with the cash expense.


Where can I see reports that I have already approved? They disappear from my Inbox.

Any reports submitted to or approved by you should appear on your Reports page. Its possible they are being hidden by your filters - you’ll want to click “Reset” on the filters to check.

Managing People

Is the Auditor user appropriate for accountants with your organization and are there a limited number of users that can be assigned into either a policy admin or auditor?

The Auditor role is good for someone who needs visibility into reports, but does not need to approve or take any actions on reports. There is no limit to the number of Admins or Auditors allowed on a given policy. You can learn more about the Auditor role here.

Is there a way to emulate an approver to see what error message they are seeing when trying to approve a report?

No, but I do have an idea for a workaround: ask that user to add you to their account as a Full Access CoPilot. You’ll be able to access their account and try taking that action yourself. You can find more details here.

Can users/employees be added and removed at will by the Policy Admin?

Yep! A Policy Admin can invite, remove and upgrade users as they like. The only caveat is that if Domain Control is enabled, you will also need to be a Domain Admin to invite users to Expensify. If that is the case, you would see a message pop up when inviting the user.

Can admin delete “open” reports of employees who created the report in error?

No, only the report’s creator can delete a report in their account.

Billing & Ownership

When you add a new policy for your organization does that increase your monthly Expensify fee?

No, adding additional policies will not increase your costs! As long as the policies are owned by the same billing owner, you’ll be billed once based on your subscription settings. Adding a policy will not change nor increase that rate.

If an employee is inactive for 30+ days, is the account still billed for them?

Yes - we don’t bill per employee. Instead, Expensify bills based on the number of active users. If a user is not active (and your subscription is set appropriately), you won’t be billed for any inactive employees!

I cannot see my Subscription plan

You can see this under Settings > Policies > Group by opening the Subscription pane. You can see a screenshot here.


Will the categories be integrated through QuickBooks?

Yes! If you are connecting to an accounting integration, your Categories and Tags will be populated based on your COA in the integration.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Do we have to use Domain Control to link company cards to users?

Yes, that’s correct. The Company Cards feature is only accessible through Domain Control. More details here.

Can you only assign credit cards by employee to link to Quickbooks Online if you have the Control Plan?

That’s correct- card mapping is only available through Domain Control. You must have a Control policy to enable domain control.


When scheduling monthly reporting what time of day are the report submitted?

If you select Monthly, you will be able to indicate the evening you would like reports to be submitted. The submission would usually occur overnight Pacific time. You can see the specifics for each submission frequency here.

Is there a way to backup all our expense information into a standard format or a format that can be accessed without your software?

We typically find that it’s not necessary for companies to back up their expense data. Expensify stores expense information indefinitely, provided the account is not deleted. If you do need a backup, you could export reports to CSV. You can find instructions here.

I understand that, but I am asking about the physical credit card statement that comes out every month. I usually email this to my employees every month after statement closes so they can see what they spent for the month and itemize the report. Will there be a way for them to see the full report through the app or will I have to continue to pull it from the credit card site and email it?

Got it, you will need to continue to email it outside of Expensify. There is not a way to upload or share a credit card statement in Expensify.

Can I combine multiple reports from different employees into one report as a pdf? I know I can export reports as CSV and combine that way- I want a joint PDF report with the receipts included.

No, reports will export to PDF exactly as they are presented within Expensify - with that being the case, it is not possible to combine reports in that way

Is there a way to upload each users credit card statement or will I have to continue to email them out?

If you have company cards, you’ll want to connect them via Domain Control. It’s not possible to import expenses manually on behalf of other users. More details on adding company cards here.

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