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Expensify reading dates wrong

BagpussBagpuss Expensify Customer Posts: 5

I'm having quite a bit of trouble with the Smart Scanning not being very smart.

It is regularly reading dates wrong, even simple things like misreading 2018 as 2019. This on a pdf that was generated from Word, so a) is crystal clear, not a poor quality photo of a receipt, and b) has all the actual words as part of the PDF - it's selectable and copyable text! Why would it fail at this?

Secondly, when uploading 10 similar invoices, from a 10 month period, the machine read 5 of the dates and interpreted using the international date method ddmmyyy, but interpreted the other 5 using the USA date method of mmddyyy. So half of them I have to change manually.

This, surely, is pretty basic stuff. Why am I experiencing problems? What can I do to avoid them?



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