Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A — March 13th, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup tasks

Will it auto-submit if a receipt is not attached, etc.?

If expenses are required within your policy, then an expense without a receipt would flag a violation. Scheduled Submit will not automatically submit expenses with violations.

When you have reports that are not reimbursable, how do you close them once they have been approved?

In cases where expenses are not being reimbursed, Approved is the final closed state.

What is the difference between Expensify between billable and reimbursable?

Great question! Reimbursable expenses are expenses that will be reimbursed by the company to the purchaser. For example, a sales rep pays for a flight for a business trip, and the company reimburses them for that flight. Billable expenses are expenses that are incurred typically as part of a project and rebilled to the client. For example, the company purchases supplies as part of a job and re-bills that purchase to the client.

What happens when a specific line item on a food bill is a personal expense? Such as a bottle of wine shared amongst colleagues after the dinner with a client finished

I would recommend having the employee split the expense and designate the bottle of wine portion as non-reimbursable.

Is there a requisition or PO function to "pre-authorize" expenses?

It is not possible to pre-authorize or pre-approve expenses.

So just to clarify that we are on the same terminology: "Approved" is by line manager, "Submitted" is to accounting system/account person for repayment?

It sounds like you will want to utilize Advanced Approval here. The way this would work is that the employee would submit their expenses. The expenses would then be sent to the line manager in a Processing state. The line manager would approve and forward the report to the finance department. When the finance department approves the report, it will move to an Approved state.


Can you show how the process of travel expenses and costs work?

Travel expenses would be submitted in the same way as all other expenses.


What's the most common use for different policies?

Different policies are typically used in cases where there are different rules or approval workflows that apply to different groups of users.

We will have multiple admins approving expenses for multiple employees. Are different policies used to differentiate approvers?

No, if you have a Control level policy, then you have access to Advanced Approval, which allows you to define the approval workflow on an individual basis within the same policy!

Once I take control of the report can it still be sent back into the predefined workflow or be forwarded to a person of my choice?

No. To return to the pre-designated approval workflow, the next approver would need to take control of the report.

Managing People

Is there anywhere else you add new users other than adding them to policies?

Yes, you can add users via Domain Control.

I am not designated in the workflow, but I am an admin, can I still approve/reject expenses?

Yes, if you are a Policy Admin, you can take control of a report and approve it.

As an outside accountant, when I send an invite to the users, will it just show that I'm personally inviting them?

It will show that you invited them or the email that you are using.

Is there a limit to the number of policies on an account?

There is no limit to the number of policies you can have, and a single user can be active across multiple policies without incurring duplicate charges.

Can you test the software on an individual basis then upgrade to annual if it works for you?

Absolutely! Every account starts with a free trial and access to all paid features.


I need to see how you collaborate with TripActions.

We do not have the time to cover our integrations in-depth within this webinar. You can learn more about our TripActions integration here.

Will you cover a company credit card management overview? We are utilizing this for our company credit card, and the charges don't need to be approved.

No, this is not covered in this webinar. We do have a company card-specific webinar, however! Sign up here.

What are eReceipts?

eReceipts are IRS-compliant digital receipt replacements available for any expense that is:

  1. Imported directly from a credit card or bank account, AND
  2. Less than $75, AND
  3. Not a hotel or lodging expense

Company Cards & Domain Control

Should I decide to leave expensify in 12 months, what happens to my scans of receipts? How can I download /save those?

If you leave your Expensify account open, the data will remain accessible indefinitely. If you delete your account, you’ll want to download your data first. The easiest way to do this would be to utilize a custom report.

Is there a way to link an indivdual's private account to a business account?

Yes! Just invite them to your group policy. If they have two separate accounts, they can merge those accounts into one.

Is there a means of internal feedback in the app?

Yes, you can leave comments on expenses and reports.

I've been designated as a co-pilot. What is a co-pilot role?

The Copilot role allows you to log in as another user with their preauthorization. You will have access to everything in Expensify they do, though you cannot add or remove another Copilot, and you cannot change their password.

A custom export would only provide to me the report in a CSV file. Does this contain the scans or eReceipts?

You can configure an export to include a direct link to download the receipt.

I have my reports set up as being submitted on the specific date, e.g. 20th of each month. All expenses require to be authorized before submitted. When would the open report be submitted for approval before being submitted?

This workflow is not possible. An expense cannot be approved until it has been submitted.


What does the accountant partnership mean, and can an accountant set up the domain control rules, etc. for a client.

Learn more about our ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program here!

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