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Expense Rule for creating a report based on merchant name

SAPete Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

I have a requirement in my organization for the following three items to be simultaneously true:

1) Corporate credit card expenses are default categorized

2) Corporate credit card expenses cannot be deleted by users (corporate liability)

3) Users are able to create expense rules dictating that expenses from certain merchants are grouped into their own report

I have been told by the Concierge that all three of those items cannot be true at the same time, which is disappointing. I would request that functionality be built to allow for all three to be true at the same time in the same policy

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  • tylerzoll
    tylerzoll Approved! Accountant Posts: 430 Expensify Champion

    @SAPete I'm not certain that this is the case. I believe that I have all of those criteria set up on my account. There may be something else that I have done that would be an exception, but it seems like it works for me. I do like the idea though if this does not already work. Also, check out this idea for an enhancement for expense rules:

  • SAPete
    SAPete Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

    Hi @tylerzoll! That's curious. We have corporate card transactions flowing into one of our policies, and having the corporate liability turned on is a requirement as well. Default categorization is working fine, but one of my employees has an expense rule turned on so that all charges from a particular merchant be gathered in their own report, which is not working. In order for default categorization to work properly, you need to set the policy to automatically group incoming expenses into a report (otherwise they come in "unreported" and will not default categorize). I've been told the only way to do this is to turn on Scheduled Submit, which I have set to Manually. It seems to be that my setting dictating all expenses be automatically grouped into a report is overriding my user's expense rule, so all expenses from the particular merchant he'd like organized into their own report are instead being grouped into the general report that all other of his expenses are flowing to (even though I have "Enforce Default Report Title" disabled). Please let me know if any of this is confusing to you, or if you have any advice for what I could do so that my employee's expense rule will work! Thank you!