As an admin can I assign a copilot to another user that is out on leave?

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We have an employee out on maternity leave for 4 months. she left several reports un-tagged. I want to give her supervisor access so she can tag her expenses so we can get them processed. Is that possible ?

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    @debbieT, great question! It's not possible for anyone other than the account owner to add a new Copilot to their account.

    That being said, any policy admin can submit and code the employee's expenses on her behalf as long as her expenses are on reports. Are the expenses that need tagging already on a report ready to be submitted?

    If so, any policy admin can open the report and submit it for her. Then the individual receiving the report for approval can review and tag the expenses appropriately.

    If you're unable to do this, let me know the report ID of the report in question and I can help you out. Cheers!

  • Nicole Trepanier
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    @DebbieT If you, as the admin, submit the report for her, then it will go to her supervisor who will then be able to do the tagging. (This assumes that she normally submits reports to her supervisor in the approval workflow.)