Smart Scanning on the App - remove 'save' function

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Part of the reason we rolled out Expensify to all of our Company credit card holders was to streamline the overall expense submission process all while making it as easy as possible for everyone to use. For my policy, I have set up required Categories as well as required Tags. It is imperative that all of our employees code and tag their expenses so that when we download a monthly CSV file for journal entry upload into our GL at month end, everything is already coded to the appropriate GL code, location and department.

Some of the feedback I've received from my employees is with regard to snapping pictures of receipts in the mobile app. My employees love this feature (and not having to save paper receipts!) but they find it inconvenient/slow to have to click 'save' after every picture that is taken, instead of SmartScan being able to work its magic automatically. Through my conversations with [email protected], I've learned that when a Policy requires tags/categories - this 'save' window will always appear in the mobile app upon taking a photo. Most of my employees tend to take pictures of receipts on-the-spot, and want to deal with coding from the webpage later in the month when we provide them with their bank statement (for reconciliation purposes). With the 'save' window appearing every time - it adds a slight inconvenience that I believe could easily be fixed with a change in the behind the scenes coding language. In essence, tag/categories would still be required - but not required to be added in that exact moment thus disabling the pop-up window that appears requiring someone to click 'save.'

See attachment for a picture of the 'save' screen I am referring to from the mobile app.


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