People on Policy cannot use Expensify once signed in

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I have multiple people on a couple different policies that literally cannot use Expensify at all. The users have all created an account and they can log in to Expensify, but once they click anything on the Expensify web page or try to navigate anywhere within Expensify, they instantly receive an error message (see attachment) and then a forced logout occurs. Some users have not been able to use Expensify in over a month and Expensify has not been able to provide a resolution within the last month. According to Expensify, the issue is related to the third party "CloudFare" and they cannot provide an estimate on when it will be fixed.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? There has to be a reason why it is only happening to a select few users. Any information would be appreciated! One of these clients is days away from leaving Expensify!



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    Hi @Mikail_CLA, I see you've posted this question twice, once on a different account. I've already responded there but will paste that below for easy reference.

    We're working on resolving these Cloudflare errors but sadly I don't have an updated ETA to share at this time.

    Can you confirm for me that these specific employees are refreshing after getting the error and it still pops right back up? Typically this oops error is fairly random and a refresh of the page dismisses it; this is the recommended workaround until we resolve this. If that's not the case, let me know!

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    I only have one employee that has been constantly complaining about this for the last month. He has not even been able to open an expense yet in Expensify and the company went live in January. He gets the error on almost every click. Expensify is completely non-operational for this user and no progress has been made. How can this only be happening to specific employees? We even gave him a new email address and the same thing keeps happening. The client is very frustrated at this point and I'm not sure what to tell him since it seems like no progress has been made since he reported the issue last month.

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    Hi @Mikail_CLA I see you're also discussing this with Matt, so I think it's better handled offline as he'll likely need troubleshooting information better off handled in a private environment.

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