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No Results Suddenly From the API

LuisGLuisG Expensify NewcomerPosts: 6Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer


We have had an integration from our ERP system to Expensify to download expenses to post in a journal in the ERP. It has worked without a problem for over a year.

Suddenly, this month I am getting no results back for February 2019. Below is the request to generate the CSV file but it only contains the column headers

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem, or has anyone had to resolve this?

















"markedAsExported":"Exported to NAV"








<#if addHeader == true>HeaderRow,Merchant,Amount,Category,TemplateName,BatchName,LineNumber<#lt></#if>

<#assign lineNumber = 10000>

<#list reports as report>

<#list report.transactionList as expense>DataRow,<#t>${expense.merchant},<#t>${expense.amount},<#t>${expense.category},<#t>GENERAL,<#t>DEFAULT,<#t>${lineNumber}<#lt>

<#assign lineNumber = lineNumber + 10000>




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