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The number of families signing up for reimbursement has vastly outnumbered the limited funds available. Though we’re unable to provide a specific timeline on when your report will be reimbursed, we’re doing our best to drive donations and keep our fund moving forward. Rest assured, we’ll review every report that’s submitted per our instructions. 

Thanks for your patience! 

Bank of America new link requirement, how to retrieve data when lost after deleting old card link

lindamach3lindamach3 Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I got the notice that all Bank of America cards needed to be relinked by March 20. I did so and there were duplicates on my account. I was then told to delete the old Bank of America Card link.

When I did that, all my expenses linked to that card was deleted. I guess it is because those expenses were not closed and not submitted. The warning was a short sentence and I am a small business using Expensify just to track and categorize expenses for tax purposes, so I guess I didnt offical close or submit the expenses as they were just expenses for myself.

Long story short, can I have support on how to bring my data back from backup of some sort to what it was today? I did the deletion today and have had no luck with the Concierge chat.

I need Tech support to bring my account back to what it was yesterday. Is that possible? There is no phone number to call for tech support!!! HELP!


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