Adding tags on a group policy

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Hi, My name is Bridget.

I am having trouble adding a tag (class) for a new credit card in Expensify. I am trying to add a tag but it says you can't add a tag to a group policy but it needs to be synced from QB. Where do I go in QB to fix this? Do I add the CC in QB and if so, where? I am not sure how to correct this. Thanks so much!


  • Michelle Niemi
    Michelle Niemi Expensify Team Posts: 104 Expensify Team

    HI Bridget! Classes will need to be added to QuickBooks then synced over. To add Classes in QuickBooks Online, you can follow these steps:

    1. Click the Gear icon.
    2. Select Account and Settings.
    3. Go to the Advanced tab.
    4. Click on the Edit button for Categories
    5. Check the Track classes box.
    6. Click on Save.

    To add new classes:

    1. Click the Gear icon.
    2. Select All Lists.
    3. Click on Classes
    4. Click on New
    5. Enter the class Name.
    6. Click on Save.

    To add the in QuickBooks Desktop, follow these steps:

    1. Going to Edit, at the top menu
    2. Then to Preferences
    3. Within Preferences, click Accounting
    4. Clicking the Company Preferences tab

    Make sure that "Use class tracking for transactions" is checked. If you want to be prompted for a class designation in transactions, check that box, too.

    To define classes:

    1. Go to Lists from the top menu
    2. Then, clicking Class List.
    3. In the bottom left corner of the Class List window, click on Class, with the downward arrow
    4. Then select New from the menu

    Once you have added the Classes, sync your connection to update the Classes within Expensify.