Company Cards Webinar Q&A — March 27st, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


I imported bank transactions and did not realize I needed to set the date. I imported Jan and Feb charges - Can I delete the transactions?

You will not be able to delete the expenses but you can unassign the card and reassign to start the feed again. Please note that any expenses that are not on a Submitted report will also be deleted. They will import back in if they fit in the new date range.


Do users have to be already set up and using Expensify before we set up the card connection and assign their cards to them?

Users will need to be invited to your Domain Control before you will be able to assign cards to them.


Can a user code a receipt after it has been smart scanned but before it has downloaded from the card?

Certainly! This information will merge with the imported card expense when it pulls in.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

Can you code employee's expenses directly on the reconciliation page

You are not able to edit categories directly on the reconciliation page. You will need to do this from within the expense or from your Expenses page.


If we do the CC import at the user level, can we still reconcile and manage the cards via Domain Control?

No. Only Credit Cards imported at the Domain Control level, will be able to be reconciled from the Reconciliation Dashboard.

Domain Control

As an accountant partner in Expensify, will I need special privileges to set up a company card connections? Do I have to make the client do that connections?

You do not. Once you have enabled Domain Control for the client, you can link Company Cards using the Master login and password for the company cards.


 Can I record to QBO all the unapproved by category ?

 Only Approved reports will be able to export to QuickBooks Online.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Where do you set receipt limits? Can I make it a requirement that all transactions require a receipt?

You certainly can! Check out the steps here

We would like to set up CC Approvals separate of Reimbursable Approvals. To clarify one person does one approval, while another does the other approval. How is the best way to set that up?

The most common way to do this is to set up a policy for the Reimbursable expenses and another one for the Credit Card expenses.


Can you use an import file to bring in the CC transactions? We use a bank cash management module, so I don't know if we can do the feeds.

The individual users can import their Credit Card expenses via CSV. An Admin, however, will not be able to do this for the employees.


So do I need to set up a user in two places? domain and policy

No. As a Domain Admin, when you invite a user to a policy, they will automatically be added to Domain Control.


What happens when you have to replace a credit card due to fraud, and you get a new number. How do you assign the new number along with the old number until you get a month down the road on the statement change over? 

If there has been a recent change to your card number or online banking username, the card will have to be re-imported into Expensify as a brand new card. Don't worry! - multiple cards can be assigned to a single user, so you can keep the old and the new connection running concurrently if you need to.

This new feed can be set up and assigned like a brand new card from Settings > Domain Control [Domain Name] > Company Cards. Simply add the new card and select the date the last feed stopped, as the date for the new feed to begin.

Once you have finished reporting the transactions from the previous connection, you can Unassign it from the same location.

How do you import receipts that you receive online

You can forward them into [email protected] from an email address that is linked to your Expensify account.


So can I print a report of unapproved at the end of the month ?

You can view them and move them all to the correct reports. You will be able to download them as a CSV per card. For more information on the Dashboard, check out the doc here.

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