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Hi; our company has just started to use Expensify and while many of the features are great for our needs I want to work out some of the bugs.

We had a few people testing the system before our roll-out this month. Is it worth having a clean start with all reports in April, and if so how should we address the previous charges?

As a follow up to that question: If I want to remove a report in such a way as to keep the system looking clean, How should I do that? If I reject a report it still sits around, I can submit it as well as policy admin but that just removes it from open? Basically I want an 'archive' feature.

Lastly, we have a scheduled report submission for month-end for us to review the charges before finalizing. Just to be sure: that keeps the report "open" until we have a chance to look at it? If not what are some better practices.


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    Hi @Tristan_Watson Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    To start with - make sure you don't delete any 'test' policies you have have created. If you delete a policy which has reports on it, those reports will be there forever.

    There is no 'Archive', but you can delete reports and expenses:

    1. Unapprove and Reopen any reports
    2. Delete the reports
    3. Delete the expenses (do this in bulk from the Expenses page)

    Scheduled Submit set to a date/time means that is when the report will submit. If you set this to Manually, it will remain Open until someone manually clicks/taps 'submit'. If a report does have a submission schedule, but the expenses contain violations (ie. violating the rules in the policy) those particular expenses will be held back on a separate report.

    If you are using a submit & approve or advanced approval workflow, and manually approve expenses is set to Yes, when a report is submitted, either manually or automatically, it will go into a processing state until it is Approved. It doesn't need to stay Open until the approver can look at it.

    When a user has things that need to be fixed, they'll see this in their inbox and they will also get a reminder email every weekend, ready for Monday!