Company Cards Webinar Q&A — April 2nd, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

When I click into Settings, I don't see Domain Control listed. How can I validate my domain?

In order for you to see Domain Control listed under your Settings tab, you must be a Policy Admin on a Control policy. If you're not seeing Domain Control as an option in your web account, you may not have the correct access permissions.

What are eReceipts?

eReceipts are full digital replacements for normal paper receipts, and they meet the requirements for IRS documentation. If you have eReceipts enabled on your policy, for any expense imported from a credit card that is under $75 and not a lodging expense, Expensify will generate an eReceipt. You can learn more about how eReceipts work here.

Is there a date limit for window for SmartScanned expenses to merge with the imported expense?

No! SmartScan uses the date and the amount in order to match receipts to their associated imported card expenses. With that being the case, it doesn't matter if the expense is recent or a few months old - as long as the dates and amounts are within the range required for matching, your SmartScanned receipts will merge with the credit card expense.

None of my company card expenses are merging with the receipts. Why is that?

Expenses could fail to merge for a variety of reasons, but the most common reasons we come across is that the receipt either was not SmartScanned, or the date or amount on the expense was edited prior to the merge occurring. Heads up, the receipt must be SmartScan and unedited in order for the merge to take place automatically! You can find a guide for determining why a given expense did not merge here.

How does Expensify handle expenses in foreign currencies?

Expensify can log expenses in almost any currency in the world! When it comes to the merging expenses SmartScanned expenses with imported card expenses in a different currency, we use the touchstone Open Exchange Rates converter to convert expenses to the policy Default Output Currency, and allow for a 5% buffer between imported and SmartScanned expenses in differenct currencies in order to facilitate the merge. You can learn more about how Expensify handles different currencies here.

Do you have any resources for training employees on how to submit company card expenses?

Yes, we do! Check out our Cardholder 101 guide, and feel free to pass this along to your employees!

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