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I would love another option that would separate transactions based on the bank's statement period. As of right now, we only have the option for various time periods of "scheduled submit" or "manual submit". Neither of these options fit our need as we require employees to fill out all of their information at the end of every month and submit it when it is complete. If it "auto-submits" for them, then we are left without all of the information we need. If it is manually submitted, then the reports are separated based on random time periods and I, as the policy admin, are left organizing reports every month based on the dates within the month.

The previous feature of "statement reporting" allowed reports to be separated based on credit card. I have various users that are in charge of more than one card and as it is now (after the end of year change), all transactions get merged into one big open report, which makes it difficult as the user to sort through the transactions and receipts every month when using the mobile app. Also, unless you are the "policy admin", you do not have access to the reconciliation dashboard or any way to easily sort through reports of each card's expenses. It forces awkward methods for retrieving information on reporting (which isn't the whole purpose on this software is to help provide reports on your expenses easily?)

PLEASE PLEASE add back in the option for "statement reporting" or another feature that would solve these problems.

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