Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A — April 4th, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


If all my reports need receipts but an employee makes hotel reservation online, how does the employee submit the receipt?

The best way to enter email receipts is to send them to [email protected] from the email address associated with your Expensify account.

Can we use the same expenses we used on one report in another report?

Technically yes, but I would not recommend doing so. Having the same expenses on two different reports would result in duplicates, which could cause double-reimbursement and issues reconciling expenses.


We'd like for employees to be able to submit to anyone in the company for approval but want someone in our accounting department to review and reimburse. Is it possible to have field for submits to be blank?

It's not possible to leave the fields blank, but as long as "Workflow Enforcement" is disabled, your users will be able to manually adjust to whom they are submitting their reports.

If employees enter bank account info to receive reimbursement, is there an additional cost?

Nope. There's no additional cost to link a bank account or reimburse through Expensify.

Does adding a bank accounts typically need additional verification via a three way call with the bank, Expensify and the client?

It's not always required but it can be needed if we are not able to automatically verify a withdrawal account.

Managing People

Can an auditor approve reports? Or are they meant to only comment and view?

If a report is submitted to them, then they can approve that report. But they will not be able to "Take Control" of a report as a Policy Admin would be able to do to take actions that are not assigned to them in the workflow.


Where can I find an example of the complete approval process, including the result in QuickBooks Online?

Since everyone is going to have a different setup here, we don't have documentation that goes over each possible example in detail. That said, this would be a great opportunity to set up a test policy and test this out yourself!

Is there a way to limit the number of categories that are imported into Expensify from QuickBooks Online?

If the chart of accounts is disabled in QBO then they will not be imported into Expensify. Once active categories are imported, you will be able to disable any categories that you do not want your users to use from within policy settings.

Do reimbursements import into QuickBooks Online?

Yes! If you're reimbursing in Expensify, that information will export to QBO.

Company Cards & Domain Control

If I were looking to set up a policy using PEX cards (pre paid debit cards) - would this be a commercial feed or bank feed?

I believe that's a bank feed, but your bank should be able to give you a definite answer on whether you qualify for a commercial feed.

For company credit card expenses, do receipts have to be submitted individually (i.e. one receipt = one report)?

No, not at all. We recommend having multiple expenses (and their attached receipts) on one report. Company card expenses do not need to be submitted individually.


Can you set an approval workflow where one employee can reimburse reports but only up to a certain dollar amount? And when the report is over the dollar amount it goes to someone else for reimbursement?

Yes, you can. If you'd like to set an approval workflow based on report totals you can do so from Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > click on the blue cog and set the If Report Total is Over and Then Approves to fields.

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