Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A — April 9th, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here. 

Setup Tasks

Can employees create a tag for each business trip?

The tags would need to be created by the Policy Admin via Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Tags or imported from your accounting integration.

If report fields are set up, Are they mandatory for each report?

Report fields are always mandatory if you have them enabled.                                               

If you charge some expenses to customer projects and others internally, should we use separate policies?

Reimbursable and billable expenses can be handled within a single policy.                                               

If you have different mileage rates would you use 2 policies?

Yes, each mileage rate would need its own policy.

Is there a way to add multiple tags, for example, a department name and a location?                                               

Absolutely! Check out this doc on multi-level tagging.

We have company credit cards for sales and tech teams (10 cards for 10 people). We also have out of pocket expenses. Would it be best to have two separate policies for cards and expenses and do we need a separate policy for each employee?                                               

You do not need a separate policy for each employee. Additionally, card expenses and reimbursable expenses can be handled within a single policy!


Can the description be required?

Yes, you can require a description on a per-category basis.                                               

Is there a lower limit so that it won't be automatically sent through unless it's over X amount?                                             

No, there is only a max amount; there is not a lower limit.                                               

Upon rejection, does the violation cure go to the employee or the middle manager?

The rejected expense would be sent back to the original submitter.

Will scheduled submitted reports be automatically submitted by the system for the employee? What if they haven't filled out the necessary info or attached a receipt?    

Yes, they will be automatically submitted. In cases where necessary information (including receipts) has not been included, those specific expenses would be held back from automatic submission, but the rest would go through.


There is no fee for using ACH payments from Expensify, right?

That’s correct!                                               

Managing People                                               

Can you have the simple "Submit and Approve" setting, but change who those are submitted to? So some could be submitted to one manager, and others to a different manager?

No, this scenario would be set up using Advanced Approval.

Could you review how to add an employee that would need to be reimbursed?

You would add the employee to your policy by navigating to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > Policy Members.

What if we need separate approvals?

This can be accomplished with Advanced Approval!

Billing & Ownership                                               

Billing doesn't change with the number of policies, right?                                               

That's correct. You will only be charged once for each user regardless of how many policies you have or how many policies that user is active on.                                

If we wanted to stop using Expensify, what is the notice period?

If you are on an Annual Subscription, you can view the end date of your subscription by navigating to Settings > Policies > Group > Subscriptions.

Can you define an active user again? We may want to set up all employees, but many likely only submit once in a while.

An active user is anyone who edits or creates expense data within a month. This includes creating, approving, exporting, etc.                                               

Does an auditor count as a user in the subscription?

If an auditor takes report action on a group policy, they will be counted as an active user.                                               

If we have an active user that submits 3 expenses in 1 month - will we get charged once for that person?                                               

Yes, you would be charged only once for that user.

If we have the annual subscription, we have to stay for or pay for the year?                                               

You would be able to cancel before your end date; however, you would be charged the difference between the Annual and Pay-per-use rates for the duration your policy was active.                                              

Company Cards & Domain Control                                               

Again, so how do I get employees that do not have a company email address to see their cc charges and make notes to them? 

They can import their cards via Settings > Your Account > Credit Card Import. You would still be able to see their expenses on their reports, you would not be able to reconcile them using the Reconciliation Dashboard.                                               

Do you have to have domains set up to use the company credit card function?

Yes, company cards are only available with Domain Control                                               

I am interested in the reconciliation dashboard for credit cards. (we are in the UK, can we use this facility)?

Yes, this is available for UK-based cards as well.

I want to do what you are talking about with the Credit Cards, but not everyone has a company email address. 

You would need to assign them a company email address for Domain Control. Alternatively, you could take control of the secondary domain as well.

Is Domain Control only available to Control users?

Yes, Domain Control is only available with a Control level policy.                                     

Ok, so to be clear, I can only do credit card reconciliation with people that have company email addresses?                                               

Yes, that is correct.                                               


Can tags be assigned to a report header? If so, is there a way to make them not mandatory.

No, since tags are an expense-level item, they cannot be included in the report header. Report fields may be a good option for you.                                                

Can we add a new field as part of the default report title?                                               

You can set your default report title via Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Reports > Default Report Title. The formulas available can be found here.

Does Domain Control give more robust options for our custom export CSV files as well?                                               

No, Domain Control does not offer additional custom export options.

I have a lot of contract labors, can they submit their expenses, per diem AND their day rate?

Yes, that is possible!                                               

Is there a report you can print out shows the net, vat and gross totals of expenses per employee? (We are a company in the UK)

Yes! Check out this article on setting up those tax rates and exporting.

Is there a way to mark a question urgent or a phone number for situations that you're locked out of the system?                                               

This is not possible. However, in cases where you are locked out, you can always reset your password to gain access.

What can I use to set up export CSV files?

Learn how to set up custom CSV exports here!

When you add custom fields do they show up on the app as well?

Yes, they will be available for use on the mobile app.

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