Company Cards Webinar Q&A — April 10th, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


Are these credit card expenses being reimbursed to the credit card company, or to the submitter?

If they are Reimbursable, they will be reimbursed to the employee. You can make them Non-Reimbursable so you can reimburse the Credit Card company outside of Expensify.

Does the liability type also help with issues where employees charge a personal expense to the corp card?

Yes, if the liability is set to Personal, the employee will be able to remove the expenses from the report and place it on a separate report for clarification.

Where will the report be created if the preferred policy is set to no preference?

The report will be created on the policy the employee has set as default.

When you link a card to a user and enter the start date, is that the start date for the transaction date or for posting date?

This would be the transaction date.

What is the main difference between company card feed and direct bank connection in terms of the feed?

A Company Card feed is one that the bank sets up specifically for your company. This type of feed is much more reliable. The Direct Bank Connection simply logs into your account to download the expenses but can be prone to issues when the bank undergoes any maintenance to their systems.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

Is there a way to run a report and see what transactions a user has not turned into receipts for?

You can use the Reconciliation Dashboard.

How is the reconciliation dashboard affected when card transactions fail to import into expensify? For instance, when we have multiple expenses in the same amount and expensify begins to reject imported transactions because it thinks it's duplicated

When the expense is not imported because they were tagged as duplicates, the employee will need to enter these or upload via CSV manually.

Does the total column match the total for each cc transaction or the statement total?

The total is for each cc transactions. Expensify does not have access to your statements to import those.

I see an option to add an expense to "auto-report." What is an auto report?

Auto-Report means that the expenses will be placed on a report based on your Scheduled Submit preferences.

Is there a way to select a range of expenses and exporting the images attached to all of those selected?

The images are only visible when you export the report as a PDF or the link to the image can be used when you create a custom CSV export.

Where can we see receipts that have not been assigned to the credit card transaction?

You can see the amounts that are not on a report yet. These expenses are still in the user’s account and not assigned to your policy. You will not be able to view any receipts not attached to these expenses.

We have about 9 company credit cards. These are paid to the Credit Card company so we would have them check non-reimbursable. We get a full statement, as well as individual statements. Does Expensify break each statement out for each person, so they can see which things they need receipts for without wading through the entire statement for everyone?

The user will only see their own expenses within their account. Under Domain Control, you will be able to view everyone's expenses including those that are unsubmitted at the time.

Does the credit card reconciliation report show all cards that are on the credit card feed, or only the cards that have been linked to a user email?

The reconciliation will only show the cards that have been assigned to users. We will not import the expenses of cards that are not assigned to anyone.


Is there a webinar that goes over the integration with accounting software?

There isn’t a specific webinar going over accounting software since there are so many options that users choose.

With QuickBooks desktop when does this get exported?

With QuickBooks Desktop, you will need to export reports manually. You can find more information about this process here

How do you upload the activity to QBO?

The process is broken down for you here.

When you upload to QBO, does it come in as a journal entry? Or an expense?

This will export as an entry to your Credit Card account and the category the expense is assigned.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Can you please explain the advantages/disadvantages of allowing/not allowing employees to delete expenses? Thanks.

Corporate liability will lock the expense from being deleted even if it was uploaded in error by your credit card company such as duplicates. Personal allows users to move and delete imported expenses. However, you will still be able to see them as UnReported within the Reconciliation Dashboard.

So you didn't have to attach the receipt to the transaction, it automatically did that on its own? Where did you SmartScan the receipt since you didn't assign to a specific transaction?

"The receipt will automatically merge with the imported expense. If it did not, you could manually merge them as shown here

So, the statement is uploaded for each person? Are they then notified about their missing receipts for those charges?

Expensify does not notify the users of missing expenses. They will be notified that they have reports that need to be submitted if that is the case.

If the CEO has a credit card, but we want the exec admin to categorize the CEO's expenses, how can the admin be co-assigned to the card?

There isn’t a way to Co-assign a card. Either the CEO could make the Exec Admin a CoPilot into their account or assign the card directly to the Exec Admin.

Can you have two policy admins?

Definitely! You can have as many Policy Admins or Domain Admins as you wish :)

Is there an easy way to switch from a direct bank connection to the commercial card feed?

We recommend that you set a specific date to begin assigning your cards to avoid the issue of duplicates. This is a prime example of when you have Personal liability set up, the user could delete the duplicates to avoid confusion.

Can employees submit for approval by their supervisor before it comes to the policy admin for final approval?

Sure can! This can be set up as Advanced Approval.

Is there a way to address employee's that are not uploading their receipts?

Expensify does not have an internal way to address employees missing receipts. You can reject their report back asking them to attach receipts if they have not to cone that. When you reject the receipt back, you will be able to add a comment stating the missing receipts. 

Is there a report to show which cards have not yet been linked up to a user? I don't want to miss one and not catch it until reconciling at the end of the month.

There isn’t a report to show which cards are not assigned. You will see the cards on the dropdown list when assigning cards.

What if a receipt is in a foreign currency, but the charge from the cc company is in USD. Will it merge automatically anyway?

Certainly! We look for the date as well as the amount. When the expense is in a foreign currency, we will look for an expenses within 5% of that converted amount to match with on your Company Card expenses.

Does it look at merchant name when SmartScanning? If the language is different, how does that work?

We do not look at the merchant name to match expenses. Also, SmartScanning will only recognize characters in English.

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