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I have created Report Fields which I want to have appear on Invoices which I pdf and email to clients. These Report Fields only appear on Expense Reports but not on Invoices. How do I get Report Fields to appear on Invoices?


  • Matt_MooreMatt_Moore Posts: 13 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @elainem3 and welcome to the Expensify Community!

    You won't be able to get your Report Fields to appear on the Invoices report type.

    But don't worry! If you're simply looking to send the expenses over for someone else to pay, you could generate a pdf of your Expense Report which will contain all of your report fields.

    Just switch over the report type to Expense Report using the dropdown at the top of your report and then choose Generate PDF from the icons on the left.

    Let me know if this is suitable for you!

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