Use Expensify with your mobile number

Jenna HayJenna Hay Posts: 17Expensify Customer, Expensify Success Coach Expensify Success Coach
edited April 12 in Product Updates

We’ve added a new way to sign up, log in, submit reports, invite others and receive notifications for Expensify.  

To add your phone number to your existing Expensify account, login to, head to your Account Details and add your phone number (don’t forget to include the international code)  as a secondary login.  To receive notifications via SMS instead of email, make your phone number your primary login.

For new users, open up the mobile app or head to and when asked how you would like to connect, select Phone Number, enter your mobile number (don’t forget to include the international code) then we’ll send you a validation SMS.  Logging in with your mobile number works exactly the same as using an email.

If you ever want to receive email notifications instead of SMS, just make your email your primary login.

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