How long are receipts archived? And how to back them up.

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How long will Expensify securely and safely store scanned receipts? If I want to back them up or move them to another platform how is that done?

Are there security issues in using Expensify as a receipt depository?



  • Michelle Niemi
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    edited March 2020

    Your receipts will be saved on our servers indefinitely — we keep these around for auditing purposes.

    You can download your receipt images as PDFs for backup if you wish. To export a report with receipt images to a PDF, open up the current report in your web-based Expensify account. You will see a tool bar on the left hand side of the report. Click on the "PDF" icon to generate a PDF — once complete, the PDF copy will be saved to your computer. Check out this help doc for more information on PDF reports.

    There are no security issues in using Expensify as a receipt depository. Expensify uses bank-level security to keep all expense data safe and secure. You can learn more about our security standards and compliance here.