Can I export to an IIF file?

I have an old version of Quickbooks Pro (6.0) that I'd like to integrate with. No expenses are reimbursable, I just want my husband and me to be able to scan our receipts in. We have a fair number of cash transactions, which should be imported as c heck transactions into QB, not credit card or journal entries.

I don't want to export them directly into QB. I want to export them to an IIF file, which is actually a tab-delimited file that can be viewed and edited in Excel. From there, I can import into a test copy of our QB companies, and tweak the file as needed to get a clean import.

Is this possible with Expensify? It is with Veryfi, but that's a good bit more expensive.


  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 375 Expensify Success Coach

    @Rebeccah We don't have an .IIF file that we can export to. We've looked into adding it as an option but as there is no customization we can do, we've opted to export to a CSV or XLS file only.

    Are you using Transaction Pro Importer to upload your expenses into QuickBooks? This program allows you to upload other file types and converts them to an IIF upon uploading them to QuickBooks.

    Transaction Pro Importer should work with the version of QuickBooks you are using.

  • RebeccahRebeccah Posts: 5

    So far, I'm not using anything to import into QuickBooks, I'm entering everything manually and it's causing me to procrastinate because it's so much work.

    Transaction Pro Importer says it supports QuickBooks version 2003 or later. I'm not sure whether version 6.0 is before or after version 2003. It's also a bit more than I had hoped to spend, but may still be worth it.

  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 375 Expensify Success Coach

    @Rebeccah Version 6.0 would be 2006 so it will work with your current version. With QuickBooks Desktop versions the number correlates to the year.

    Transaction Pro Importer makes importing data into QuickBooks super easy and comes with support to get you setup. I definitely recommend it since it's only a one time purchase.

  • RebeccahRebeccah Posts: 5

    Are you sure? I purchased QuickBooks Pro 6.0 before 2000. I found a list of QB versions online, and Enterprise 6.0 corresponds to QB 2006, but the internal version number is 16. Quickbooks Pro 6.0 is pre-1999 and is so old it doesn't even have an internal version number. Enterprise didn't exist back then.

    Anyway, if I haven't already, I'll contact them to ask.

  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 375 Expensify Success Coach

    @Rebeccah That's a much better list than the one I found when looking for it. I must have been looking at the Enterprise version.

    Does the version you have not include updates? Is there another reason you are using that version?

  • RebeccahRebeccah Posts: 5

    Hi, Nicole. I originally bought QB Pro when I had a medical practice (1994-1999). After I closed the practice, I rarely used it any more. Then I met my husband, who is an artist. He has a cash business, but makes very little money. I couldn't justify buying a whole new application to track his expenses and income when I already had one that worked just fine. And it does work just fine.

    But it's hard to get him to track his expenses, whether for taxes or for household budgeting, which means at tax time I'm dealing with worse than a shoebox of receipts - I'm dealing with him checking pockets and drawers around the house and the car trying to find them all, and then I have to sort them into household categories as well as business categories. So I'm looking at receipt capture phone apps with OCR and trying to find one that will integrate with the software I already have.

  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 375 Expensify Success Coach

    @Rebeccah Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, it's going to be difficult to find software that works with such and old version of QuickBooks Desktop. I wish I could do more to help.

  • RebeccahRebeccah Posts: 5

    It's looking like Veryfi will do it. It's more expensive than Expensify, though. Thanks for looking into it for me, though.

  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 375 Expensify Success Coach

    @Rebeccah I'm glad you do have an option that works with your QuickBooks version. If you do update in the future, let us know!

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