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Education series #4 - Keeping our Community healthy

Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,136Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Team
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To end our first informational series we’d like to chat about how you can be a part of moderating the Community. The health of our Community relies on members having the best of intentions and trusting that your fellow user does as well.

To keep our Community healthy we want to surface posts and replies that don’t follow Community Guidelines and react positively to those that provide great answers or ideas. There are a few different ways you can do this depending on the contents of the post.

At the bottom of each reply on a thread, you’ll have the option to react to the post or report it to our Success Team. (below)

If comments on a thread receive enough negative reactions, they will be sent to the Expensify Success team for further review. If you feel a comment needs our immediate attention feel free to flag and report it.

Since one of the biggest advantages of a Community is the ability for Expensify users to support each other, and it makes sense to have a way to highlight those users who do. In the Community, you’ll earn badges for completing certain tasks, like uploading a profile photo or commenting on another user’s thread. Badges highlight users who contribute quality content to the forum.

Another way to earn badges is by reacting on comments and receiving reactions to your own comments. By reacting to comments that are great, you’re helping the Community cultivate an elite group of incredibly knowledgeable Expensify champions who can be trusted to provide correct answers and helpful advice.

Thanks for tuning in to this series and if you have a suggestion for a future informational thread or series of threads, please leave a comment!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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