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Assignment Tag Based Approvals

BadinoffBadinoff Posts: 1Expensify Customer
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After checking with Expensify Concierge I found out that this feature is currently unavailable, so here is the idea.

Our company is managing project, financials and specifically expenses in Financial Force. We have an integration with Expensify in place, however, because of our complex project structure we need to be able to dynamically appoint approvers in Expensify based on the assignment selected for an expense (which comes from Financial force). As I said, our project structure is too complex to be using a 1-to-1 relationship between expense submitter and expense approver.

For example, if John submits an expense for a project, very often his manager has no connection to the project which the expense is assigned to. In such case a project lead will approve this expense. Project leads will be different from project to project. Therefore we require a functionality where project leads are set up with approval privileges in Expensify and assigned dynamically based on the project selected for an expense.

I am starting to review Advanced Approvals documentation, but have not found a workaround yet. If there is one, please point me to it.

I am happy to provide any additional clarification.

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Live feature released! · Last Updated


  • Sasha KlugerSasha Kluger Posts: 19Expensify Team Expensify Team

    Hi @Badinoff@MaryBBT - we've just released our new category and tag approver feature! With this feature, you can configure project managers for each project tag in your Expensify policy, and expense reports will route to the corresponding project managers if the report contain expenses tagged to that project. Accordingly, I've updated the Idea Status on your idea to "Live feature released!" 🙌


    To learn more about how the feature works, take a look here.

  • MaryBBTMaryBBT Posts: 13Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer

    @Sasha Kluger

    This is sooooooo AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!! Thank you guys!!!!! We LOVE EXPENSIFY!!!! Woooooohoooo!♥️🏆️

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