Company Card Admin Webinar Q&A — April 23, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


If we set up Commercial Feed, will it always show as Visa "Commercial Feed"?

When a Commercial Feed is set up, you will see either Visa or MasterCard feed. You can edit the name of this feed under the Company Card Page.

Can we specify that all credit card transactions should be assigned to a specific policy only

Certainly! You can do this under the Company Card Settings.

Are there any banks that “don’t play well” with Expensify? Chase seems to be a repeat offender for many software like Expensify :)

There are some that do not. As you mentioned, Chase does appear to have some issues. The best option would be to have your bank create a VCF or CDF Commercial direct feed for you. Find more information here.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

If concierge is auto processing reports every week, will I duplicate expenses with a reconciliation report?

The reconciliation report does not export to your software. It is for your reference so there will be no duplicate.


Can we code Expensify expenses to hit a Balance Sheet account or can we only choose from the P&L accounts for the expense codings?

The categories imported will depend on the Accounting Integration used. Typically, they are your P&L accounts, but your Balance Sheet accounts may also import.

Do the transactions within the report come into the Accounting system as individual transactions or as the bulk report amount?

This would depend on how you have it set up. Please check out here.

In the settings, is there a way to say to allow Balance Sheet and P&L accounts for coding?

You will see them under export options if your accounting integration does allow them. Please go to and search for your specific accounting software.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

How does the system handle currency exchange rates as far as exchange rate date?

When converting an expense from one currency to another, we look up the average bid and ask rate on the date the expense occurred using Open Exchange Rates. This rate is reported to us after the market closes on that given day. This means the actual conversion rate used will differ depending on the day the expense occurred, based on how those two currencies were trading against each other on that day. 

In the event that the markets weren’t open on the day the expense was incurred (such as on a weekend), we’ll use the daily average rate on the last day the market was open prior to the purchase. If the expense is logged as being in the future, (perhaps to anticipate a purchase that hasn’t yet been made,) then we’ll use the most recent data available. This means the value of the report will fluctuate up to the day of that expense, which might produce unexpected results. You will not be able to submit reports until the markets have closed for the dates of all the expenses on the report.

Are we able to match a receipt to a transaction when the two aren’t automatically connected? For example, a restaurant charge that doesn’t charge the tip amount but the receipt shows it.

Certainly! The employee can manually merge the receipt with the imported expense. There is more information here.

How do I know if I'm set up as Commercial Feed?

You will need to reach out your bank to see if you have a Commercial Feed.

What happens if SmartScan creates a new expense instead of merging it with the proper credit card transaction?

Not a problem! The submitter can manually merge these. The steps to do that can be found here.

Will smart scan work if the date on the receipt is different than the date the charge hit the account.

If the card expense is older than the receipt then they will not merge. This would indicate that the purchase was made after the card transaction was posted to the bank. This, of course, wouldn't make much sense 😄 . If the receipt is dated more than 7 days prior to the card expense then they also will not merge.

Will Expensify bring in all transactions that are the same amount on the same date? For example, 3 flights purchased for the same amount on the same date. Or will it think 1 is legit and the other 2 are duplicates.

Most likely, they will be flagged as duplicates if the same user is uploading these receipts.

when receipts are emailed to expensify the smart scan feature is automatically creating a report. Can this be turned off?

This is typically caused by Scheduled Submit being enabled. This can be enabled either on the Company Policy or Individual Policy.

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