Admin Webinar Q&A - April 25th, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

Can you set it up so some individuals see only certain categories?

No, as long as an employee belongs to a policy, they will be able to see all the categories for the policy they are a part of. If you need different categories for different sets of users, you will want to create separate policies that include the list of categories appropriate for the members in each.

How limited am I if I am on trial?

You have full accessibility to any of these features as long as you are trialing the Corporate plan.

Should a general ledger account be a Tag or Category?

Normally we’d see that as a category.


Can you change the policy on an expense report that was submitted?

Yes, an admin will be able to click into the report and change the report’s policy by clicking into the drop-down box in the upper right hand corner to the correct policy.

How are receipts added when using the multiple expense entry dialogue?

You will be able to attach them one by one using the multiple expense entry form.

How do I get my receipts that I took pics on my phone to the program on the computer as I don't see any of them. Is it under "reports" where I would find the receipts?

Hmm, they should automatically appear as long as you are using the SmartScan camera button on the app, and you are logged into the same account online and in the app. Since the system is cloud-based, this sync is always happening automatically.

Your receipt will SmartScan and turn into an expense. It can be found under the Expenses screen. Make sure to open up the filters at the top of the screen if you cannot locate them.

If a report has a violation, can it still be submitted? Or, does the violation have to be corrected first?

That will depend. Great question! Employees will get a soft warning with the violations intact when they try to submit the report, and should be able to submit them unless Domain Control has been set up and a Domain Group rule has been set to strictly enforce policy rules. That rule would not allow submission until the reports are violation-free. More details can be found here.

Managing People

Can we set a limit? For example, if an expense is over $200 it needs to go the second approver, but if under, just one level approval is enough?

Sure can! This is covered here in our Advanced Approval article.

I see an Approver role, too. Are you going to talk about that later?

An approver is not an admin and does not have any additional permissions on the policy, they are simply someone who is able to approve or approve and forward a report. You can learn more about how to set up an approver here in our Advanced Approval article.

Billing & Ownership

Is the subscription pricing per specific user or per concurrent users (in the month). In other words, if someone only submits expenses once a year, do we have to subscribe them for the whole year, or will it detect the number of separate users that have submitted expenses in each month, and bill based on number of separate users who submitted expenses?

You can think of it as a number of “seats” you are setting, and any user can submit under that “seat”. So the specific submitter is not as important as the number of minimum active monthly users you are setting for the month. Does that make sense?

Let's say I have 10 employees/accounts, but only 3 of them had activity for the month. Would I get billed for 10 or 3 people?

This depends on a few things. If you were using the Annual subscription and had your subscription set for 3 users, then you would be billed for all 10 users (3 users at the Annual rate, and 7 at the Pay-per-use rate, so 3*$9 and 7*$18). If you set it for 10 users and only 3 were active, you would still be billed for 10 users at the Annual rate ($9*10). If you were on a Pay-per-use plan entirely, then you’d be billed for the Pay-per-use rate ($18*10).


After the expense reports have been approved in Expensify, can you export the expenses into an accounting software like SAP into the general ledger? Or would you have to manual enter from the Expensify reports?

We do not offer a direct integration for SAP and this will be considered an indirect integration. You will want to set up a custom export template to export expenses to import into SAP.

Are you going to go over setup for tags and categories for integration situations with QuickBooks?

We won’t go into any specifics with accounting integrations since the admins attending this webinar likely have varying accounting systems. The setup guide for your version of QuickBooks should walk you through how to set up your tags. Here is QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

How about integration with Sage50?

That would be an indirect integration. The linked article will help you set up an export template for your needs.

I was under the impression that Expensify had direct integration to Microsoft Dynamics NAVISION? Is that true?

No, not directly. We offer an indirect connection with the use of a custom export template. More information can be found here.

If we use QuickBooks where can we further set up categories and tags in order for expenses to go into the correct account class in QB?

live answeredThe setup guide for your version of QuickBooks should walk you through how to set up your tags since these will be done from the QuickBooks side, and then synced into Expensify. Here are our articles on both, depending on what your company is using. QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

Will this seminar provide a high level understanding of how Expensify interacts with an existing accounting software?

We will touch on accounting integrations, yes. As a reminder, you can see what will be covered in the webinar guide linked in the chat.

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