Amex Not uploading been weeks -Credential Error

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My Amex Cards are not pulling into expensify. When I go into the Company Cards and hit FIX I enter my user and Password for my Amex account but I still get error and invalid Credentials.

I have reset my Amex password many times a day for several weeks now. I can easily get into my Amex account directly thru Amex but the expensify keeps coming back with errors and not uploading my transactions...

I have tried the concierge over and over and really believe it is a robot with auto answers that do not work.

HELP Please..


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    @BBoySo sorry to hear that this connection is giving you trouble. I took a look at your account and we do have an open issue with our engineers to look into this but the error we are receiving from the bank is Locked out of account, please reset password. This is a difficult one to correct. Has AMEX prompted you to reset your password directly or have you only been reseting it because of the communication with concierge?

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    I have been resetting because of Concierge asking me to a lot.

    I have not had any issue with AMEX directly getting into my account.

    I have even asked AMEX if expensify was "Blocked" by accident and AMEX says no that they do not trouble shoot 3rd party issues but AMEX on several calls has assured me the account is not Blocked in any way.

    I also asked Amex if any special permissions or settings were needed in AMEX and AMEX said NO ?

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    To share a bit more data I have 1 master account at AMEX that links to 4 sub accounts and about 230+ seperate cards under the one account.

    The weird thing is some cards on the account are updated thru 04/25 while others are updated thru 04/05/19. But any time I try to update thru the account I get Eroors related to Locked out or Invalid Credentials ?

    None of this makes sense to me that some cards are updating some times ?

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    Hi @BBoy, thank you for sharing this extra detail. At this time we do not do deeper troubleshooting into card import issues via the public Community due to the sensitive nature of the information we often need to request to resolve the issue.

    At this point I think it's best to have this conversation via our support email, [email protected], so that you can share additional information that we request without worrying about it falling into the wrong hands.

    If you haven't already, please send us an email and include the information above as well as the below link, which will help my team find this thread and get fully up to speed.


    Thank you @BBoy!

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    @BBoy FYI that I'm having the exact same issue. AMEX isn't helpful. Expensify says they are working on it, but doesn't have a solution yet. I'm considering deleting Domain Control and having all of my employees upload their expenses from AMEX directly, but I worry that will present the same issue and it would cause all kinds of problems.

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    @garlandharwood Because Credit Card Import troubleshooting is only done via concierge, I'm closing this thread to further comments.

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