NetSuite integration: work around to export Exp merchant as NS vendor

Have you found a way to import the Expensify merchant names to become the NetSuite vendor?

The merchant is exported to the memo field on each debit line on a journal entry form. When exporting as journal entries Expensify exports to the employee record of the report submitter. 

I have already asked about only exporting the reimbursable expenses, this is a no-go. I have already asked about using the loading dock like how I extract the company card non-reimbursable expenses for the reimbursable expenses. This is a no-go.


  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 421 Expensify Pro

    @NM_Sunshine_2019 Could you please help me understand from an accounting prospective why you really want to do this? It confuses me why someone would want every gas station in the country or every Starbucks set up as a vendor. I have a strict process that prevents illegitimate vendors from being added to NetSuite so I know that my vendor list is reliable.

    By putting the name of the vendor in the memo field, you can still do reporting if you absolutely need to do that based off of the criteria in the memo field.

    If that doesn't work for you, I have a contact that can build a customization that will "look up" the vendor based off of the information in the memo field and assign a vendor. It doesn't assign the transaction to the vendor, but just a vendor to each line. Let me know if I can help.

  • Thank you for asking that!

    You are correct, I do not want every gas vendor, Starbucks, etc. Very good point.

    We enter vendor names for transactions over $150 that fall outside of the travel and entertainment expenses.

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