BUG: currency conversion surcharge issue (not working)

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I am a Canadian (Default currency is CAD) and travel to US for work a lot. Since my card (MBNA Canada) is not supported for automatic feed. I prefer to not manually import card data and just use the receipt with smart scan feature to expense report. Because most of my travel is expensed on my credit card. There is a 2.5% bank fee for foreign transactions.

Now when I scan a USD receipt. I expect the smart scan to capture all the receipt information and most of the time I have to manually update the currency from CAD to USD. Once I do this and add the expense to a report (Default currecry CAD), I expect a the total to add a surcharge of 2.5% on top of the automatic conversion rate for that day. 


April 25th, I spend $100 USD. 

-The report should be 100*1.3495 *1.025 = 138.3238 CAD (Correct)

- But instead the result is 100*1.3495=134.95 CAD (incorrect)

My surcharge is setup correctly in the settings area. I am sure this is a product bug. Any idea on when this will be fixed?

This leaves no option for properly capturing the spend in my report. The only way left to fix this is for me to go into each expense and change the currency to CAD and update the exact spend as it shows on my credit card. This is very labor intensive(defeats the purpose of Expensify) and does not provide accurate currency information to client. All the expenses show up in CAD instead of USD with proper exchange rates.

Please suggest if I am doing anything wrong here in the process. Or a way to get this fixed.


  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 375 Expensify Success Coach

    @Vik I took a look at your account and it does appear to be set up correctly but not applying to your USD expenses. Have you reached out to [email protected] to report this issue? We generally recommend going through that support channel so that we can create an issue and have engineering take a look at it.

  • Ted PeetersTed Peeters Posts: 267 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @Vik, I'm just coming back to this quickly as I've been working with the team internally on how we'll be approaching "Currency Surcharges" in our product moving forward.

    Earlier this year, we made some significant improvements to our SmartScan feature on the back-end which sped up and increased accuracy for our users. However, in doing so, we realised this got in the way of any Currency Surcharge being added to SmartScanned receipts. Since then, we've been thinking about why this feature even exists at all.

    Currently, the only use case to add a surcharge to your expenses is because this makes reporting foreign expenses incurred on a credit card difficult - there's just no way to be sure that the correct amount is reported or that the correct amount is reimbursed because Expensify set's the conversion based on the rates provided by Open Exchange Rates.

    The problem is, not every bank uses Open Exchange Rates and not every bank uses the same rates and crucially, every bank charges different amounts for incurring expenses abroad (although many are now moving down to 0%).

    So we've built our merging feature to accommodate for this. Any connected card or uploaded CSV will automatically merge with the SmartScanned receipt and crucially, update the amount to match the correct amount from the bank statement. And we're even developing the ability for a Domain Admin to import CSV's of bank statements so we can support every bank without forcing individuals to upload their own statements, along with beefing up our support for banks via the Approved! Banks initiative.

    So for the time being, the Surcharge currently only works with non-smartscanned expenses, and ideally we'll move away from even using this feature (that, candidly, fewer than 0.1% of Expensify accounts even use).

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