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Issue on Expense Reports using API from MS Dynamics NAV 2018

Hi Team,

Hope you doing good…!!

We are facing an issue regarding downloading Expense Reports using API from MS Dynamics NAV 2018, as the file is not getting generated on the API request.

Please check on the same and assist, if we are missing something.

Also, Please refer to below for your reference for issue analysis:

  1. a. Attached codeunit Expensify_Integration_Function.txt – Function name GetExpReporstListCURL(), that is being used for downloading expense reports.
  2. Curl Response
  3. API Request Details

"C:\Expensify\curl-7.54.0-win64-mingw\bin\curl.exe" -X POST http://integrations.expensify.com/Integration-Server/ExpensifyIntegrations -d requestJobDescription="{"type":"file","credentials":{"partnerUserID":"aa_rajat_inecta_com","partnerUserSecret":"6c99217ea6d9b9eecf48bec66cdf68dccd44b33e"},"onReceive":{ "immediateResponse":"[returnRandomFileName]" },"inputSettings":{"type":"combinedReportData","filters":{"startDate":"2016-01-01","endDate":"2019-12-31"}},"outputSettings":{ "fileExtension":"csv", "fileBasename":"allExpReps" },"onFinish":"[{ "actionName":"markAsExported", "label":"Expensify Export" }]"}" --data-urlencode "[email protected]:\Expensify\curl-7.54.0-win64-mingw\bin\expensify_template.ftl" -H "Expect":


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