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Hi - I am trying to figure out the best way to expense the charges on a company procurement card. Multiple people put charges on this corporate card, so we need the ability to have multiple users upload receipts to a single report.

I am thinking that I either have to create a dummy user account, tie the credit card to it, and give everyone access. This would be messy to control. Or, maybe I could use the report sharing function to accomplish this.

Would appreciate any suggestions!


  • Nicole Trepanier
    Nicole Trepanier Expensify Team Posts: 498 Expensify Team

    Hi @teamdean! While we don't recommend sharing credentials for a single account that is an option to allow multiple users to add receipts to a single report manually. Sharing the report is only for visibility and doesn't allow expenses to be added.

    If you are importing your corporate card, it can only be assigned to a single user so we generally recommend that you have all employees email these receipts to a single user to forward to to be added to the report.