Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A — May 8th, 2019

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Today's recording is here, and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

Is there someone I can call offline to address setting up an account and ask my specific detailed questions? I haven't found anything online to request a salesperson or customer service person contact me.

Please reach out to [email protected] so we can point you more specifically in the right direction!


Can you add receipt images before the credit card flow has the transaction appear in each user’s account?

Yes, the employee can SmartScan the receipt as soon as they get it. Once the card transaction imports, it will merge with their SmartScanned receipt.

How can I correct violations if I am not receiving them in my Inbox?

If these are your own expenses, you should definitely receive the violation in your Inbox. If that's not happening, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can investigate. If these are your employees' expenses, you would need to do this report-by-report.

How do you print expense receipts by client (tag) to attach all receipts to a client invoice?

You can use the filters to capture all expenses with that tag, and then export them to a CSV. The CSV will have all expense detail as well as a link to a receipt image.

If we set up $ thresholds - would this be on the report total or transaction amount total? 

For approval purposes, it would be on the report total.

If you choose to disable Scheduled Submit for the policy, are employees under the policy allowed to schedule their own reports when they set up their account?

Yes, if Scheduled Submit (group policy level) is disabled OR set to "manually," then employees can define their own Scheduled Submit (individual policy level) settings.

Is a manager who approves employee expenses restricted from approving their own expense report?

A manager can approve but not reimburse their own report.

Is there any way we can not allow employees to enable Scheduled Submit (i.e., we want them all to enter reports manually and don't want to even give them that option)?

No, it is not possible to restrict employees from enabling Scheduled Submit within their own accounts.

Is there some sort of filter that would separate, for example, each employee's mileage reimbursement into a report for each employee? I need to be able to split out each employee's mileage reimbursement in report form to give to the COO.

It's not possible to do this automatically, but you can use filters from the Expenses page to capture these expenses, and then export them to a CSV to submit to the COO.

What is the difference between reimbursable and billable?

Reimbursable expenses need to be reimbursed back to the employee. Billable expenses need to be billed to a client. Expenses can be both reimbursable and billable.

When adding a second approver, does the report automatically route to the second approver or will this need to be manually forwarded to the second approver by a manager?

Once the first approver approves the report, it will route automatically.


If we are reimbursing through our accounting system, will we have to check off reports as 'manually reimbursed' after we pay them?

It depends on your accounting package. If you have Auto Sync enabled, then this will happen automatically, but Auto Sync is not available on all accounting packages.

Managing People

Can you have more than one Policy Admin?


Are the admins the only ones who will need to be on the 'Control' policy (meaning employees who are just submitting receipts and reports would only need to be on 'Collect')?

No, the policy type (Control or Collect) applies to all users on a policy. To have a company card assigned to them, a user must be a member of a Control level policy.

Do we have the option to add an approver to report or transactions level - where it will route to a specific approver if the threshold was at a certain $ amount submitted?

Yes, you can add thresholds to your "Approves To" settings. For example, you could set it so the manager can final approve anything under $500, but anything over that would need to go to the finance department for final approval.

I am looking at visually seeing each company on a main page, so the list of users is not intermingled together. I would need to log in, click on the company name and then manage users for that company. I would only see that company's employees. Is that how this works or will I always have to have all the users intermingled and see all clients emails altogether?

If you are referring to your Expenses page or Reports page, you can filter to show only a single policy.

I understand you can restrict primary policy selection, but I have an employee that needs to use 2 policies, but I want to restrict them from using a 3rd. Is this possible?

If they are a member of a policy (or in regards to their Individual policy), you cannot restrict them from using that policy.

Is it possible to have a mixture of both Collect and Control employees?

We do not recommend it as it drastically increases the complexity of account management. For example, billing for each policy would need to be owned by a different user, or else all users would be charged at the higher rate.

If Tina sends her report to her manager, Stephanie. Stephanie approves and then the Policy Admin would final approve Tina's report?  

So Tina's "Submits To" would be Stephanie. Stephanie's "Approves To" would be the Policy Admin (is Stephanie needs to submit her own reports to someone else, that would be indicated by her "Submits To." The Policy Admin would not have an "Approves To."

What if we only have some employees on a company card and others who use personal cards and request reimbursement?

If the users will need to be part of an Advanced Approval workflow or any other Control level features, they will need to be a member of a Control policy. You can see a breakdown of policy features on our Pricing Page

What if you want to have a Policy Admin approve ALL reports submitted as Final Approver?

You would want to ensure that all approvers have their "Approves To" set as the Policy Admin, and that the Policy Admin has NO "Approves To."

Why would you have the same employee in two different policies?

One example would be if you had a user who needed to submit their own expenses on one policy but approve others' expenses on another.

Billing & Ownership

Can you change the policy owner after the policy is created?

Absolutely! Learn more about that here

I believe we do have a Control policy... how can I tell for sure?

If you navigate to Settings > Policies > Group, you can hover over the icon next to your policy name, and you will see the policy type!

I think I am on a free trial but plan to subscribe. Will I see the subscription once the free trial expires?

Once the free trial subscribes, you will be seamlessly transitioned into a paid account! If you haven't already, you will be prompted to add a billing card at that time.

Is there any way to have some users who do not do an expense report monthly on a collect policy and other users under the control policy?

If a user needs access to any Control level functionality, they need to be a member of a Control policy.

We currently have a number of employees who each have their own account that they pay for individually. If I set up a Control account for the company and invite all the employees, do the employees also need to cancel their personal accounts to stop their monthly billing?

Yes, they would need to cancel their individual accounts to ensure they are not billed unnecessarily for functionality that is included in your group subscription.


I don't seem to have the ability to add a category? Is it because of how it's linked to Sage Intacct?

Yes, if your policy is connected to an accounting integration, then categories and tags MUST be added on the accounting side first and then synced into Expensify.

I linked my account to our company Gusto account. Will the reimbursements be made via our bank account info there? And the employee accounts there as well? Any need to enter account info on Expensify?

No, you would need to have your employees enter their account information to Expensify. This isn't information we currently pull in from Gusto.

If you change ERP systems, can you just remove the connection and set up the new connection on your own?

Yep! Just be aware that changes are not made retroactively so any open data would need to be updated.

Should you set up a new policy if you are going to connect to QB Online for the first time? We currently have a policy, but I don't want to lose it until we have the online set up correctly.

You can connect your existing policy to QuickBooks Online if you like. I would simply recommend ensuring that all your current reports are submitted before adding a new accounting integration.

So if an employee does a reimbursement thru Expensify, and we are set up as vendor bills (no time/exp module) it creates a vendor bill as paid to Expensify?

No, it would export as a paid vendor bill for the employee.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can you restrict employees to more than one policy (i.e., I don't want them submitting under their personal policy, but they can submit under 2 of our company policies)

With Domain Control, you can restrict their primary policy selection.

How do you verify your domain for domain control?

Head to Settings > Domain Control > Get in Control.


Do we have the option to add certain approvers for certain departments (not employee level)?

Within a single policy, this isn't possible. You could create a separate policy for each department, however.

How do I run a report with all images for a particular tag (not links) to attach to a client invoice?

This isn't currently possible. You can export an individual report with receipt images, but you cannot export receipt images directly via the Expenses page.

How many policies can we have? Can we manage these ourselves?

There is not a limit to the number of policies you can have.

How secure is this?

Expensify uses bank-level security to keep all expense data safe and secure. You can learn more about our security standards and compliance here

I do not see the edit rule/settings tab on the categories.

This would be visible via Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Categories > Categories > click the Gear Icon.

I've tried changing the Default Report Title, but the formulas aren't working.

Sorry about that! Please reach out to [email protected] so we can help you get those formulas down.

If we are an accountant and we have multiple clients with many employees each, can we set up a console or similar that would show all the client names first, we click on it, and then we are in that client's account and can do the things you have shown us today?

Yep! If you give each company policy a unique name, then when you navigate to your policies page, you will be able to click into each individual policy to make changes.

In my account, I can't see all staff expenses, only mine.

If you can't see staff expenses, then it is likely one of two things: 1) your staff is not submitting expenses on the group policy. As a Policy Admin, you will only have visibility into expenses that are submitted on the group policy. 2) You are not a Policy Admin. If neither of these seems to be the case, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help!

Is there a system limitation on the number of transactions entered on any given expense report?

Reports with a very large amount of transactions can cause issues exporting. There's not a limit, but I would recommend keeping it under 100-200 to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Is there any way to change what the employee sees in their Inbox when they go to set up their account?

This is not possible, but we'd love to hear more about your use case! 

How come I can see all of my submitters' stuff in Reports but nothing shows up in Expenses tab like she/you were just showing us?

If you can see them on the Reports page but not the Expenses page, then it is likely an issue of filtering. Please try clearing your filters and ensure you are viewing expenses for "All Submitters."

The reports are coming to me, so I'm assuming they're following the group policy? I can see their open reports which have the expenses in it.

If you look at a report, you can see the policy in the top right-hand corner. As long as that is your group policy, you should be able to see them.

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