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Tax code by category of expenses

isabelle Expensify Customer Posts: 1

It would be nice to have the possibility to associate/modify a tax code by default with a category of expenses.

Example : for meal expenses, we can only get 50% of tax reimbursement. I would like to have the possibility to associate a specific tax code by default to the 'meal' category of expenses. Even if it exists in the tax selection menu, employees dont do it. So when I review the expense report, I have to manually change the tax code, one by one for all meal expenses.

Another example is for insurance. There is no tax reimbursement for insurance expenses. I would like to associate a tax code at 0%, by default, for this category of expense.

Ideally, a default tax code would be applied to all category of expenses and then, we would have the possibility to modify it and select another tax code for a specific category. Make sense?

Thank you!

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Live feature released! · Last Updated

We have released this feature! Please check out this Product Update post for more details