When will you go back to your stunning photographs at the Splash Screen?

TerezaTereza Posts: 4
edited May 9 in Day to Day

I always looked forward to guessing where in the world your start-up screen would take me.

Now I just see the same dingy couch with two completely unknown people.

Why? It really set you apart and made me feel happy every time I logged in.

(Yeah, yeah, I'm sure they're "famous", but does anyone really care?)



  • Ben FitzBen Fitz Posts: 73 Expensify Success Coach

    Hey @Tereza! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback on Expensify This with us! This campaign was born out of our desire to highlight that no one was born to do expenses. 

    In this particular iteration, we're telling 2 Chainz's story -- because he wasn't born to do expenses; he was born to make awesome music.

    Let us know if you have any questions about Expensify! I'm happy to help remove expenses from your life so you can chase your dream, whatever that may be.

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