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Good afternoon,

I'm assuming the answer is "no," but when individuals upload a personal csv file into their account, is there a way for it to be added automatically to a report rather than having them show up as Unreported? Potentially by adding a Report tab in the CSV file and then listing the name?

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  • Ben FitzBen Fitz Posts: 73 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @CORAL, welcome to the Community! It's great to have you here 😊

    The answer is, in fact, yes! You can have these automatically added to a report.

    You'll want to use the Scheduled Submit feature, which has two main functions:

    1. Automatically adding new expenses to the most recently edited Open report, or adding expenses to a new report if no Open report exists.
    2. Automatically submitting reports based on selected timing within the policy settings.

    Scheduled Submit can be configured as an individual setting or defined by an admin as a group setting:

    • Personal Scheduled Submit is found under Settings Policies > Individual > [Personal Policy] > Reports Scheduled Submit
    • Company Scheduled Submit is under Settings > Policies > Group [Company Policy Name] > Reports > Scheduled Submit 

    Let us know if you have further questions! 👍️

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