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bprattbpratt Posts: 4Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer

It would be nice if from the iOS app you could attach a pdf receipt - currently when I do a number of transactions- I just get an email receipt - Rental cars, purchase at venues that use things like "Square" for their transactions. On the desktop app you can attach them as the receipt but it would be helpful to be able to do this on the go from the mobile app as well.

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  • Karisa_LattaKarisa_Latta Posts: 124Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Expensify Success Coach

    Hey @bpratt !

    Great idea! I'd love to share some tips until our upload function is fully fleshed out and intuitive on the app.

    If you can access the Share option for files/images on your device, you might be able to send the file to your Expensify app that way. Alternatively, if you're getting these files via email, just forward that email to [email protected]! We'll capture either embedded or attached files and upload them as receipts. Make sure the email address you are forwarding from is linked to your Expensify account (no worries if you forget, Concierge will reply and let you know it didn't know what account to use so you can correct that).

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions.

  • kennyraykennyray Posts: 1Expensify Customer

    I'd like to see this feature as well and I assume it would apply to all mobile platforms as I have an Android device. The reason I'd like to see it is when unreported expenses arrive via credit card, adding the PDF receipt from my phone would be more efficient and less steps than the other alternatives. The mobile app is great! I much prefer it over the desktop browser dashboard.

  • Mike_SMike_S Posts: 1Expensify Customer

    More and more receipts are coming via email. Even retailers will email a receipt these days, so it would be so handy (meaning it’s essential) to be able to import PDF’s directly into Expensify using a mobile device.

  • Ted HarrisTed Harris Posts: 329Expensify Team Expensify Success Coach
    edited November 7

    Hi everybody! I've put together a small iOS Shortcut which should help in the meantime to automate much of the sharing PDF's from your iPhones but we'll leave this open as the idea is great!

    Click the link here to check it out, and check the GIF below (or here if it's not rendering in your browser) to see it in action for one of my YoYo PDF receipts.

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