Multiple page receipts or more then one receipt support

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There are times when I need to attach a multiple page PDF receipt or when I need to submit both the receipt for my flights and the boarding passes. Currently Expensify only takes the first PDF page or only one jpg for a receipt. But sometimes you have a receipt and a supporting document that both need to go together. Currently I put in dummy zero value expenses with the additional documents but it would be nice if they could stay all together in one expense record.

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  • Jenna HayJenna Hay Posts: 30Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Expensify Success Coach

    Hey @bpratt if you email in a multi-page PDF receipt or upload it via the web app, we will actually load the entire document to the expense. We only display the first page on the expense but if you click on the receipt then you can scroll through all the pages.

    Appreciate that sometimes you don't have the receipt in a single PDF and so this won't fix all cases but it will work whenever you do have a PDF.

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