Company Card Admin Webinar Q&A - May 15, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


What happens when you turn on the direct CDF feed after users have linked their company card?

Once the feed is enabled by your bank please send us the feed details. Once we have the feed information we will be able to link it to your Domain Control settings and you will be able to assign the cards to your users.

Can you have manual submit for corporate card expenses and automatic submit for personal expenses?

You can set up two policies, let's say one called "Company Card Expenses" and one "Reimbursable Expenses", then default the company cards to assign to reports under the "Company Card Expenses" policy. You can set this up under Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards > Settings. You can use the domain Groups settings to default your users to the "Reimbursable Expenses" so that they don't get confused and submit their reimbursable expenses to this policy. Then set Scheduled Submit up for both policies at the desired manual or automatic submission frequency.

Do you need co-pilot access to move unapproved expenses into a report for the card holder?

Company card expenses added via Domain Control are the exception to the regular expense modification rules. For these expenses Domain Admins have full edit rights and can move, add, and delete company card expenses without having to use Copilot mode.

Is it okay if the same card is under Credit Card Import and Domain Control? Will duplicate expenses come in?

Having the same card imported twice will create duplicates. If you're switching from having the cards assigned under Account Settings to having them assigned from Domain Control then you'll want to make sure that all outstanding expenses are submitted on the card assigned under Account Settings, have the user remove the card, and have a Domain Admin assign it in Domain Control with the "import date" set to the date after the last expense that was submitted from the card assigned under Account Settings.

What other considerations are to be taken into when turning on CDF or Direct Bank Connection's after users have linked their company cards, like the importing of all back dated expenses?

If you're setting up a bank feed then you can request expenses as far back as you need. A Direct Bank Connection is limited to importing expenses 30-90 days back depending on your bank.

We are switching credit card carriers, and the old cards will no longer be used. After the switch is made, is there a way to hide them from Expensify but keep the information?

When a card is unassigned, any unsubmitted expenses associated with that card will also be removed. All submitted expenses will remain with the user and the policy.

Domain Control

Can you have more than one Domain Admin?

Yes! You can have as many as you need. You can add admin from Domain Control > Domain Admins. They can be users on your domain or outside of your domain (such as an external accountant).

How do I setup Domain Control as an outsourced accountant?

Simply navigate to Settings > Domain Control > New Domain and enter your client's domain name. Once your request is submitted we will ask you to confirm your connection to the domain. This can come in the form of a copy of your signed Accounting/Consulting Contract with the client that includes both the accountancy name and the client company name, or CC'ing a verifiable client administrator for approval to take over the domain via email when you put in the validation request.

Should we be using the client’s domain or our own firm’s?

If you are setting company cards for your client then you'll need to set up Domain Control for your client's domain.

What if my IT manager won't allow me to have domain control? Can I assign it to him instead?

Sure thing! You can have multiple Domain Admins.

Why is Domain Control required?

Domain Control is the feature that allows you to centrally assign, manage, and reconcile company cards. Some cards can be imported through Account Settings but most company cards are only available under Domain Control settings. 


Can you show us how to set up G&L codes that map to our external accounting system?

We have step-by-step instruction just for this on our help docs :) Take a look at this help doc and let us know if you have any further questions!

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

I see expenses for my corp card, but they are not on a report. Is this report auto generated?

This depends on your settings. In general we recommend setting up Scheduled Submit in your policy so that reports are auto-generated and can be auto-submitted if desired. You can find these settings under Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Reports.


My Policy is currently set up as Collect. How do I change this to Control?

You can adjust your plan from Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Plan.

When I'm determining the number of active users for Expensify, do I need to include myself as the admin?

If you are going to be taking any expense or report actions (submitting, approving, reimbursing, etc.) then you should include yourself in the number of active users.

My account billing is saying I have 3 annual users on the control plans at $9 and 1 monthly user at $18. How do I make the last user annual?

The Billing Owner can update your subscription size from Settings > Policies > Subscription (you might need to click on Subscription to unfurl those settings).

Can employees scan in receipts with SmartScan or from their desktop computer as well?

Sure thing! They can drag and drop their receipt files onto any page of their Expensify accounts. They can also forward them to [email protected] from their Expensify-linked email address.

If our employees have corporate cards where they can spend money on client's projects which then need to get invoiced back to clients, does expensify have that functionality?

Sounds like invoicing may work for you, take a look at this help doc to learn more about this feature.

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