How-to: use the Track plan in Expensify to simplify your expenses

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The Track plan is a simple and free way to get your receipts out of your wallet and into the cloud to automatically track your expenditure. It may surprise you, but there are still plenty of  people who store their receipts in boxes, hoping there’s some reconciliation wizard waiting in the shadows to magic them away. Perhaps it’s because they have to use Microsoft Excel to reconcile them, or because there are just so. many. expenses. Or they have to handwrite them (true story).

One day, we may live in a world where receipts are redundant or reconciliation wizards exist but, in the meantime, there’s Expensify’s Track plan.

Expensify makes this even easier for you with SmartScan, meaning you don’t have to manually enter anything – and no more VLOOKUPS! So regardless of how you got to a wallet stuffed with receipts, let’s talk about how to get started.

Signing up for a Track account

If you’re brand new to Expensify, it’s as simple as entering your email, mobile number, or using your Google account to create a new account.

From there, you’ll be directed to your brand-spanking-new Inbox page. Think of this as your to-do-list, where our helpful Concierge will notify you of any important tasks you need to complete.

Once you’re on the Inbox page, you should see four options to customize your account; just select the Track Spending option and that’s all there is to it! You can now go ahead and add your first expense, so simple it’s (almost) like magic! With a free account, you’ll get 25 SmartScans per month, unlimited receipt storage, the free mobile app, and no legitimate excuse to have a wallet full of old receipts.

If you fall in love with expense management in Expensify, you can always upgrade to unlimited SmartScans on a monthly subscription, particularly if you decide 25 are just not enough for you!

How to use your Track account

One of the greatest things about Expensify is that we like to give you the tools to manage your expenses and leave you to decide how it’s best going to work for you.

Want inspiration for the best use-cases of the Track plan? Take a look below at some of the ways customers like you use Expensify: