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Will this app work for my client?

KirstyMcKirstyMc Posts: 1Expensify Customer


My client is looking for an app to carry out business expenses. It is a large company whom travels a lot as they have a partner company in America. The type of expenses that the client has going through regularly are hire cars , flights, mileage etc. The client is looking for an app which allows notes and processes of expenses being paid a variety of ways as sometimes the expenses are paid with a company credit card and there are other times it is being paid privately. The main thing my client would like it to have is the ability to allocate expenses to a client they are working on so the client pays back the expenses and being able to split up expenses into categories. 

My client is currently being moved from sage onto Xero at the moment if this helps.

Thank you,

Kirsty McAllister


  • Karisa_LattaKarisa_Latta Posts: 142Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Expensify Team

    Hey @KirstyMc !

    Expensify can definitely handle all of that and more. I would love for you to talk to our launch and implementation team (send a quick note to [email protected] expressing interest in new client setup), but I'll share some of the features your client will be most interested in here to get you started.

    Expensify has a great grasp on the different expense origins: personal card, cash, and company card. Expenses can be marked as reimbursable or non-reimbursable to the employee and billable to a client/customer/project.

    Until the client fully transfers over to Xero, they can export expense reports to a custom export template that loads up into Sage easily. Once they shift over, we have a direct integration with Xero. Here's a quick demo for Xero!

    If that was enough to convince you, head over to our Day 1 guide and you can get started on a free trial your client can test out. If you manage many clients, you may wish to look into our Approved! program for accountants.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions.

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