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Adjust the lay-out of expense reports

FloranFloran Posts: 2Expensify Customer

Dear Community,

What strikes me is the fact that simple controls on the lay-out of your expense reports are not available in Expensify. Simple things as:

  • changing the date sequence of the expenses from new-old to old-new.
  • moving the "description" field from a footnote to an actual column in the expense overview (as it is more important for my accountant to know "what it is" than to which merchant it has been paid).
  • adding a column with "tag" in the report.

I know you can dump everything in an excel sheet and thus create your own report, but I really like the feature of creating your PDF report with all invoices attached etc etc.

it would just be great to have more flexibility in this.

Would this be something that can be looked at in new versions?

kind regards,



  • Ted HarrisTed Harris Posts: 351Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Team

    Hi @Floran - thanks so much for posting in the Expensify Community! I'd highly encourage you to post any new ideas you have to the Ideas category here, but I thought I'd first just take the chance to let you know about some of the already supported features which might match up with what you're looking for.

    To begin, your right that you can't currently invert the dates like you can from the Expenses page headers, but the report options do allow you the ability to order by tag and to display the description field there:

    In the above example, "TokenCard" is my Tag and I am yet to fill out the Description that my administrator requires of me.

  • FloranFloran Posts: 2Expensify Customer

    Hi Ted,

    Thanks for reaching out. Thing is: i love the single table view, as it is what i always use. So within the single table view it would be good to have the description included.

    Anyway, my core message/request is more flexibility on the report in the future...that would be great.

    thanks Floran

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