Looking to switch from Concur

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We are looking for a new T&E program for our medium sized business 250-500 employees that can handle a corporate credit card program as well. We currently use MS Dynamics Gp 2018, and would like to have the expenses integrate with our ERP for document retention and auditing purposes. Can anyone give me any info on their experience with Expensify and GP integration, how the travel program works, reporting, implementaion and end user buy in. I really need someone to talk me through their process and experience with Expensify. I appreciate any help.


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @nhoberg13, thanks for joining the Community and asking for advise! We have some great champs here like @tylerzoll, @Daveweez, and @Aussiebandit, who may have some advice for you.

    If you'd like to get in touch with our team directly, I'd recommend sending a copy of your response above to sales@expensify.com.


  • Daveweez
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    @nhoberg13 happy to chat about our experience. Give me a shout at daveweez@gmail.com and I can answer any questions.

    Super happy with our combo of Expensify & TripActions instead of Concur.

    We’ve grown on Expensify from 10->280 and have never had an end user complaint. We can scale to 1,000 without any issue (probably more than that too)

    We have corporate credit cards (works great)

    The integration with our ERP works great and keeps the auditors happy. I don’t have experience with MSFT Dynamics GP, but the sales team should be able to show you the goods.

    We use TripActions for travel. Super happy with it. Give them a call.