Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A - May 23, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

Just want to confirm if we select manual for Scheduled Submit options, last day of the month employees don't need to take any action and their reports will be automatically submitted the last day of the month?

No, manual would mean they manually need to submit the reports. “Monthly” will need to be selected in order for these to submit on the last day of the month automatically.

Please define "active user".

An active user is anyone who creates, submits, approves, exports or takes any other activity on a report during any given month.

There was no explanation of the policies...Submit vs Track vs Collect vs Control?

If you head here and select Feature Breakdown at the bottom of the screen, it will show you the difference in all of these plans.

What is the MCC? I cannot add categories.

Hmm, this is not where you would add categories. MCC means “merchant category code” and is what credit card companies use and assign to specific transactions that come in from those cards. The section above this in Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy name] > Categories is where you will add categories for the policy.

When clicking on "Settings", the top right of the screen shows "Individual" and "Group"...when would a user use "Individual" vs "Group"? What are the differences?

This webinar is for Admins that are in the process of setting up a Group policy for their company/team, so everything that Maddy is discussing is referencing group policies (Collect and Control). The Individual policy would be Track/Submit and this automatically comes with every user’s Expensify account by default, as Expensify is a free product. If employees would like to use Expensify for personal use in tandem with using it with their company, they can choose to use their Individual policy to do so. However, this webinar is for Group policy admins.


Can we set a global rule that items under $25 doesn't need a receipt?

You can set an expense rule for the policy for this under Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy name] > Expenses

Can you have multiple tags?

Absolutely! We support up to 5 levels of tags.

Just to clarify, if an expense is rejected on a report, the report will be resubmitted on an entirely different report? Would I have to reject the report as a whole to keep all expenses together?

If you reject an expense, it should go back to the employee’s expenses list. If you are using Scheduled Submit for your policy, this should go to the open report (or create a new one, if there isn’t one) so that the employee can review it prior to submitting it again.

What exactly does a “billable” expense entail?

This article will best explain how to us billable expenses.

Managing People

Can I put in the approval, approvers from two different domains (employee and from customer)?

As long as they are both a part of the same policy, yes!

Could we amend our workflow to be submits to finance first for first review, and then approver is the manager's final approval? So we would just switch around the order in the people section?

Yep! You can have anyone be the first approver or the second approver. It just depends on how you configure it on that people table.

What if we require more than one approver?

You can use Advanced Approval to set up multiple levels of approval.


After we create the connection with Sage Intacct and we create new GL account or departments, does it automatically sync over back to Expensify?

Yes! We integrate directly with Intacct, so all of this data is a 2-way sync :)

Can Expensify integrated with MSDynamics or Salesforce?

Expensify no longer offers a direct connection to SalesForce. A connection can be established using FinancialForce FFA or PSA/SRP through SalesForce. We do not have an integration directly with Dynamics. However, you can use our custom export option to integrate with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics by selecting this from the Accounting Software Inbox Task. This is available with all Control policies.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Do we need to contact you guys if we want to sync either American Express or Chase account with Expensify?

No, this can all be done through your account under Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards

Would it break it down for us by each employee credit card?

Of course! I’d recommend reviewing our Company Cards section of our help docs here (these cards can be added in Domain Control after using a Corporate level plan) and attending the company card webinar here.


Where is the knowledge base website ExpensifyDocs? do I have to login to my account?

Nope, no need to log in! Our help docs can be found at

Are you developing a Spanish version of the platform?

We are not and the product is only available in English. However, Expensify can be used worldwide. More information on using Expensify internationally can be found here.

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