How to Export as tax included amount into QB Desktop Enterprise 18.0/19.0?

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I'm testing out the integration between Expensify and QB Enterprise, and everything is good except for one major issue that seems like it should be simply resolvable. When the receipt gets smart scanned i.e. a parking receipt for $11, this amount already includes the HST. when the sync goes through the receipt gets entered into the subtotal line instead of the total line in QB and essentially gets double taxed so the bill shows up as $12.43 ($11.00+HST) in QB which is incorrect.

I set-up the preferences in QB to allow tax inclusive (gross prices) to be entered and thought that the "amounts include tax" checkbox should resolve the issue so that when the $11 gets synced it should stay as $11, however when the sync goes through this checkbox gets unchecked and again it gets double taxed.

Does anyone know a solution to this issue? There isn't really a point in using Expensify if we have to manually go in and fix each bill to amounts before HST, so I imagine there is a solution to this problem already out there.

Thank you in advance!


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