How to re-assign users from one policy to another?

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How to re-assign users from one policy to another?

We want to close some policies and move all the users into one Administrative policy.

Can you please explain to me how to do it?

Also, what will happen to the expense reports that are approved under the old policies?

Thank you


  • Ted Harris
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    edited March 2020

    Hi @Tape! Thanks for getting in touch. There's no one simply "move" button that will do this, but you can simply duplicate the existing policy and invite only the required users to this new policy.

    Once you've moved users in this way to their new required polices, you can either:

    1. Remove all existing users bar from an individual Policy Admin, set the policy to not allow automatic joining from the Policy Joining Link and rename it from the  Overview to be an "Archived - [NAME]" policy.
    2. Simply Delete the policy from the settings dropdown in-line with the policy name (the same menu you used to duplicate the policy).

    Both methods will retain the existing reports and expenses. Method 1 will retain the name of the policy in the report and in your Reports page filters. Method 2 will not retain the name of the policy in either places, but will place all on an automatic "(not shared)" policy.